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DPF Cleaning & Assessments in Fife.

DPF Cleaning in Fife

We are part of The DPF Doctor, which is a network that provides training and technical support for DPFs. There is an endless cycle of new problems and new vehicles, so having a network we can tap into to share knowledge is vital. It can make the difference between diagnosing a fault in one hour instead of 8.

Your DPF is a self-cleaning system. Which means if it isn’t cleaning / regenerating itself then something is wrong somewhere. A DPF assessment is required to figure out why.

Once your underlying problems have been diagnosed and fixed we can then carry out a DPF clean – if it is still needed.

Having completed both practical and online training to prove our competence in DPF diagnostics and repairs, we promise to get to the bottom of any given DPF fault.

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